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Other Prop and Costume Sites

Post by PropMaster on Tue May 14, 2013 11:58 am

To support other prop and costuming sites here's a list of other groups
http://www.theRPF.com - General Prop, Costume and Model Forum
http://www.405th.com - Halo Costuming Forum
http://www.bbrotherhoodofthebat.runboard.com - Batman Costuming Forum
http://www.theleagueofheroes.yuku.com - General Hero Costuming Forum
http://www.thesuperherocostumingforum.Yuku.com - Superhero Costuming Forum
http://www.CostumersAlliance.com - General Sci-Fi Costuming Forum
http://www.ObscurusCrusade.com - Warhammer 40k Costuming Forum

If you know of any other Costuming/Prop Forum please feel free to post a link on this topic and I will add it to the list.

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